Local non-presenter registration tutorial

This tutorial will guide you through the registration for local participant who want to attend this conference as a non-presenter.

Action 1
Find out how much you have to pay

Read the conference fees table or you can calculate it using our calculator .
How to calculate your conference fees:

  1. Select type of participation as non-presenter;
  2. Select your country as Indonesia;
  3. Click the Count button.

Action 2
Make your payment

Payments cannot be made in cash; they must be bank transfer to the ICONSTAM BSN account below:

Payment via bank transfer (IDR)

Local non-presenter can transfer the payment to:
Account number: 0126996371
Bank name: BNI 46

*) Please note that the bank's account number is different for the international and local non-presenter.

Action 3
Confirm your payment

Please make sure to confirm your payment by entry the confirmation form for non-presenter, otherwise you cannot registered as non-presenter.
Confirm the payments

You can find your paper ID as shown by this following image:

Action 4
Wait for the next 2–3 business days for us to verify your payment

Please make sure not to miss the date. The deadline for the payment confirmation is on October 15, but you will get an early-bird discount if you pay before September 27.

If you still require further assistance, please feel free to contact us.